Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lets talk about water, plain water and water bottle

Do you drink 8 glass of water everyday?

I’m sure everyone have heard about the important of drinking 8 glasses of plain water everyday but how many of us actually do it. I myself have a difficulty to drink that much of water, I’m not a sucker for plain water but I know someone who does. Normally the most plain water I drank per day was about 2 to 3 glasses, I prefer flavored drinks better, it doesn’t have to be sweet though, just some flavor. But lately I’m trying to change that and starting to drink more and more plain water.

Dah bosan struggle tulis orang putih, tukar pulak.

Aku tak pasti sejak bila aku start minum banyak plain water tapi sejak aku tukar botol air baru kat office ni ( sebab yg lame dah pecah, mcm mane boleh pecah ntah ) aku jadi gigih pulak nak minum lebih banyak plain water. Aku pon saje je beli botol besar2, botol ni boleh isi 1 liter air, so that senang aku nak tengok berape banyak air aku minum sepanjang aku kat office ni (since I spend more time in this office everyday). That’s how I realize I drink only about 2-3 glasses of water, sebab everyday aku akan penuhkan botol ni dan aku Cuma minum separuh je, which is 500ml of water per day. Tak hebat kan aku.

Anyway, I did some calculation:

8 glasses = ½ gallon
½ gallon = 1.9 liter
8 glasses = 1.9 liter OR 2 liter ( senang kira)
2 botol ( botol air aku la) = 8 glasses

So kalau aku minum sebotol air ni (1000ml) same la ngan aku minum 4 gelas air. 4 gelas jek, sikitnya, padahal botol air ni besar ni. So aku gigihkan jugak la dengan tidak minum air lain selain air masak ketika di office. No more Milo in the morning or Neslo in the afternoon only plain water, plain water and plain water. So sekarang ni aku berjaya la menghabiskan sebotol air masak ni dan kadang2 aku berjaya minum lebih dari sebotol, tapi tu jarang2. Maknanya aku kene tingkatkan asaha dengan lebih gigih lagi untuk minum 2 botol air masak setiap hari. Mungkin pade sesetengah orang nak minum 2 liter air masak tu senang ( aku ade kenal orang yg amalkan minum 3 liter of plain water everyday, tak termasuk air teh ke, air chocolate shake ke atau air milo ke yg jugak diminumnya setiap hari, banyaknyeee, tak kembung ke?) tapi pada aku agak susah la jugak. Tapi usaha kan tangga kejayaan, jadi BERUSAHALAAAAAHHHHH.

What about you, how many glasses of plain water have you drank today?
Nampak cam sedap je air ni, hehehehe. Tu gelas ikea ke?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lets talk about movie marathon

Weekend yg lepas aku tak keluar g memane pon, memang takde mood sangat nak keluar (selalunya hari sabtu kitorang keluar g jusco beli barang2 keperluan rumah OR g la jalan2 ke mana-mana mall kat KL ni), but this time rase nak rehat je kat rumah. Maybe sebab the previous weekend kitorang letih dengan kenduri kawin adik, so bila cuti lagi memang nak rehat cukup2 la. Bila dah duk rumah seharian ape lagi la yg kitorang buat kalau tak menonton movies. Jumaat malam dah start tengok movie dah sebab tau the next day tak keje and boleh tido lambat.

Movies yg kitorang tengok sepanjang hujung minggu yg lalu adalah:

1. Australia
Kitorang start layan movie ni jumaat malam, tapi dapat tengok separuh je sebab Iman meragam, so layan Iman sampai dia tidur dan tak lame pastu ngan kitorang sekali tidur. So sambung balik the next morning, around 7am sebab Iman dah bangun minum susu dan tak nak tido2 dah.

At first I thought this movie must be boring because the title is so simple, I thought it’s just about Australia and its history and to make people want to watch it they make Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman act in it since they are Australian but I was wrong. Cerita ni tak boring langsung. In fact, it is so interesting and has only a tiny bit of history in it, the rest is all about the story of Mrs. Boss (Nicole Kidman) who is English. Surprisingly she’s acting as an English woman and not as Australian despite being an Australian herself and acting in a movie called Australia. Do you get what I’m trying to say? I know my English is incredibly horrible right.hehehe. I also love the cinematography in this movie because it’s like you’re watching some cartoon movie or musical movie coz the songs in this movie are great and cute and sweet. But then again the director of this movie also directed Moulin Rouge, no wonder la. I recommend everyone to watch this movie because it’s nice and so that you’ll understand what I’m actually trying to explain here because I’m terrible with all this explaining things.

2. Private Valentine – Blonde and dangerous
This one is sort of comedy movie, Jessica Simpson act as a famous movie star (which she is) who are not so bright (? what do you think) and suddenly she found out that she’s bankrupt. One thing led to another, she then joins the US Army. Can you imagine the sweet blonde Jessica Simpson as an army? Funny, funny, cute and funny.

3. Marley & me
Again I thought this movie must be boring since it’s about a dog named Marley and it’s inspired from a novel. So I thought it must be slow flowing and boring, OMG. But surprisingly it’s a great story. I would suggest any parents to watch this movie with their kids because this movie is about how Marley is bonding with this newly wed couple. This movie is full of fun, surprise, excitement and some touching moments. Also highly recommended. My only problem is that I think Jennifer Aniston’s face looks different. Actually her cheekbone, her chin, and her eyes look different, I wonder why?

4. 7 Pounds
A colleague of mine one day told me that this movie is depressing. When I meet my husband after work on that same day, he actually just bought a pirated DVD of this movie. So when I told him about my colleague comment I think I kinda scared him because he hesitated to watch the movie. He thought the movie must be so terribly boring we better not watch it. But thanks to Zira (she came by our place last Saturday with 2 box of pizza and a box of cinnabon and join us watch Marley and me. Movie, foods and friend, how great is that) she said she have watched it and she said she like the movie. So now that we have 2 different opinions, my husband suddenly want to watch it to see which one is right.

We start the movie around 9pm, he slept after half an hour and I watch the movie by my self till the end, around 12pm. Yes, the story is slow. Although there are some surprise elements in the movie especially the main character played by Will Smith, the flow and storyline just a bit too slow. So I recommend you to watch this movie during the day or in the morning when you don’t have the tendency to fall asleep.

5. Punisher – War Zone
I thought this was the sequel for The Punisher (2004), but it’s not. This one is like another version of Punisher, more violent one. I hate violent movie so I hate this movie. I like The Punisher (2004) better, the one where John Travolta played the villain. That one is more like a Hollywood movie while this new Punisher is like a cheap movie. I don’t understand why they make this new version of punisher. But then again my husband said, the new Punisher is more similar to the Punisher comic character. He’s bigger and more violent. Oh well, I still don’t like it. Bak kate Azura “ saya benci pada keganasan”.

6. Quantum of Solace
In order for you to fully understand this movie, you have to first watch Casino Royale or else you’ll be a bit lost and find the movie a bit boring. As for me, I don’t think this one is boring at all, it’s a good movie but Casino Royale is better.

Itu la saje yg aku berjaya tengok utnuk minggu ni. Actually aku suka tengok ape2 movie pon, tak kesah la cerita baru ke lame, semua aku layan and tak kesah cerita tu boring pon bila aku boring2 aku layan jugak. In fact ade satu movie ni yg mendapat review sangat teruk dari kawan2 aku yg dah tengok dan dari paper2 yg aku bace dan aku sangat nak tengok, Dragon Ball. Since all teh reviews are so bad i just can't wait to watch it my self to see how bad it actually is. Lagi pun aku bace semua comic dragon ball tu dari awal sampai habis, so nak tau la sejauh mane diorang merosakkan cerita tu.hehehe

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lets talk about the movie mania

Hi ya’all,

I saw the Kakiis’s ad about the movie mania challenge and thought that it must be interesting, after all, the top 50s will get 10 GSC tickets for free, great isn’t it. Suddenly i felt overly confident that I can do very well answering questions about movie because I’m a movie mania myself, I’ve watch a lot of movies (seriously you guys, our routine every month is to buy a bunch of new movie to last for a month, then again, we mostly watch them on weekends but like 2 or 3 movies per day, hehehe). This is the on thing that my husband and I have in common, we both love the movies. We do argue and misunderstood each other all the time but when it comes to movies, we can just lay in front of the TV all day with packets of chips and buckets of ice cream watching movies like no body business.

So I’ve tried the challenge. My first attempt is not that great. My second attempt is even worst. But the third time is much better. But apparently not good enough.

Anybody else wanna try? Be my guest. You can click on my Kakiis badge (the green color thing with my picture on it on the side of my blog, you can’t miss it) and start the challenge today. Good Luck.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lets talk about cute little babies outfits

Announcement to everyone,

If you are looking for new clothes for your cute little babies, please do not hesitate to visit kiddiezwardrobe , a new shop recently open by a close friend of mine from Penang. She’s a young mother of two cute kids (seriously, she’s younger then me) and shopping is her middle name but nowadays her craze for shopping has converted from her stuff to kids stuff, especially children clothing. That’s how she got the idea to open this new shop, so that she can do what she always enjoys. So please feel free to visit this blog, it’s just a few days old, but will be updated with more cute babies stuff from time to time (that’s what she told me). Happy Shopping.
P/S: Jaz, thanks for the cute outfit, lagi setahun boleh la Iman pakai kot, sekarang tarak muat daaaa,hehehe.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lets talk about Thick books, Cecelia Ahern and Handbag

Harini aku agak bosan, lunch pon ingat nak makan roti je so g la jalan kat Pavilion. Pas beki roti aku g times bookstore, niat di hati nak tengok kalau2 little black dress ade stock baru, sekali takde, semua buku2 lame je. Hampes. Since mase banyak lagi aku pon jalan la tengok buku2 lain. Tiba2 rase macam nak try bace buku tebal plak. FYI, walau pun aku suka baca novel tapi aku tak suka baca yg tebal2.

Basically bila aku nak beli buku, ciri2 yg aku tengok ialah:

1. Cover buku tu kene la cantik sebab aku suka bace buku while waiting( waiting for hubby, train, turn etc), so cover buku tu mesti la cantik supaya seronok aku nak keluarkan dan baca di khalayak ramai.

2. Buku itu mesti la tidak terlalu tebal sebab takut bila beli yg tebal2 sekali buku tu bosan, end up aku nak habiskan bace satu buku tebal tu makan tahun plak. Kalau tak habiskan bace karang rase membazir pulak. kan penyeksaan tu namenye.

3. Harganya mesti la tidak mahal atau berpatutan dengan ketebalan buku itu. In other words, kalau buku u tebal tapi murah ( dan ade ciri2 lain yg aku suka) maka lebih besar la possibility aku nak beli buku tu and vice versa.

4. Jalan cerita buku tu mesti la best. Aku paling suka bace buku yg ala2 romantic and comady, yg girlie2, ade kene mengene dengan fashion world or something glamour. Aku paling tak suka buku yg cerita pasal era dulu2, ade king and queen la, wizard of oz la, ala2 pride and prejudice la, era2 camtu aku tak suka. Yg selain dari tu macam horror ke, investigation ke, dan sebagainya tu aku boleh la jugak layan kalau synopsis dia cam best.

Although, aku pernah terbace satu buku ni, pasal era 1950 camtu which surprisingly I found it very interesting and the story is not even about love or anything romantic but more about some mystery of this family tapi aku lupa ape tajuk dia, kalau aku ingat nanti aku bg tau ek. Buku tu aku beli nak bg hadiah kat kawan, tapi aku bace dulu sampai habis baru aku bg, keji kan aku. Tapi nak ikut lagi bagus tau, sebab aku tau buku yg aku bg dia tu memang confirm best and confirm dia puas hati punya. Hehehe

So tadi aku tengok2 la buku2 Author2 yg famous2 dan buku2 nye selalunya tebal2 Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steel, Stephen King, Dan Brown tapi dalam banyak2 tu aku Cuma interested kat satu buku je. By Stephen King and the title is Needful Things. Synopsis dia memang menarik sangat. Ade sape2 pernah bace?

Tapi aku tak terus beli, aku jalan2 tengok buku yg lain pulak and jumpa satu lagi buku yg ala2 menarik tapi tak setebal buku Stephen King tu, this time the author is Cecelia Ahern, A place called here. Ade sape2 pernah bace yg ni pulak? Both books have some sort of mysterious kick about them, not the typical chick lit book that I always go for.

Nak beli yg mane ek? Aku consider punya consider tiba2 aku rase dua2 pun tak boleh beli sekarang, kene postpone dulu sebab tengah2 bulan ni aku macam tak banyak duit je. Jadi untuk tidak menghampakan diri sendiri aku beli buku little black dress titled Handbag and Homicide. Yg ni cam best jugak dan murah, Cuma RM 17.91 je after discount.

Here is the synopsis:

Is Haley Randolph about to become a fashion victim?

When Haley says she’d kill for the latest fashions, she doesn’t actually mean it. Of course she quite happily stamp on feet, pull hair and elbow rivals out of the way to get to anew designer bag. But when her boss at Holt’s department store is discovered dead in the store room, fingers are pointed firmly at her! If Haley’s going to escape jail (not to mention the orange prison jumpsuit) she must find the murderer and prove her innocence. At least the hunky Ty Cameron seems to be on her side…..

A sharp, comic debut combining mystery, romance and shopping – What more could a girl want!

Lets talk about nosiness at every corner

Akhirnya aku kembali menulis disini walau pun agak malas je tapi macam tak best plak tengok blog aku takberupdate. Tapi memandangkan gambar2 wedding belum ade ditangan, aku cerita pasal lain dulu la.

Mase balik Ipoh haritu ade la satu couple ni, dia jiran kepada cousin suami aku, duduk kat bukit beruntung but since they know our family quite well they wanted to come and help. That’s not a problem, lagi ramai yang tolong lagi bagus kan. And this couple also has a little baby, a baby girl who is only one day older then my baby Iman. Masalahnye, diorang ni suka sangat membanding2 kan baby2 ni. Pantang la aku buat itu ini sikit mula la dia nak bg komen sampai akak naik rimas, mau tak rimas, diorang ade kat rumah tu tiap2 hari selame 3 hari. Aku bukannya tak suka org lain yg ade baby tau, in fact ramai je kawan2 aku yg baru dapat baby macam aku, tapi kawan2 aku takde plak asyik nak compare2 cam dioarang ni. Agaknye sebab diorang ni dah berumur so dia rase orang yg baru dapat baby cam aku ni memang tak pandai jaga anak la, diorang je yg pandai.

Rimas situasi 1 :

Diorang sampai rumah tu pagi2 kul 9 sekali ngan sepupu aku, pastu diorang pun nak main2 ngan Iman, padahal Iman lom mandi ni, tapi takpe la kan, diorang pun dah lame tak jumpa Iman. Agak2 dah puas main tu aku pun mintak la Iman, kate nak bawak dia g mandi, sekali si bini boleh bunyi " tak mandi lagi ? " dengan konon2 terkejut sgt la tu, maklumla anak dia dah mandi pakai baju cantik bagai. Aku pun bawak la Iman g bilik bukak baju dia, bawak g bilik air mandi. Tiba2 ade kepale terjongol sambil berbunyi " macam tu dia mandi kan baby ", tu statement ape aku tak tau la, tapi aku mandikan baby aku dalam besen kecik yg ade kat rumah tu, dah tu je yg ade. Iman pun ok je duk dalam tu. Iman mandi air suam okey bukan air sejuk tau walau pun dah tengahari,hehehe.

Rimas situasi 2 :

Iman dah siap mandi aku pun nak pakaikan dia baju kat bilik, cam biase aku siapkan dia atas katil sebab aku tak suka duk terbongkok2 sakit belakang, sekali kepale terjongol lagi bersama komen2nya :

Kepala : Laaaaa, berani ko siapkan anak ko atas katil yek, akak takut anak jatuh. Malam2 pun tido atas katil ke ? bahaya la…

Aku : Iman tido rapat kat dinding la, kitorang tido kat tepi2 dia.

Sepupu : Takde la jatuh, Iman tido belah dalam la.

Macam la aku ni bodoh sgt nak biar anak aku jatuh katil, macam aku tak sayang anak aku pulak, ko je pandai sayang anak, benci tau.

Rimas situasi 3 :

Sambil duduk2 melayan budak2 kecik kat ruang tamu, diorang pun bunyik la lagi seperti biasa dengan ayat2 konon2 dia la yg paling cekap lagi bijak pandai bela anak compare ngan aku yg muda lagi setahun jagung ni (nak compare ngan dia aku kira muda la,hehehe) :

Suami dia : Iman dah pandai ape dah ? dah merangkak ?

Aku: lum lagi? Dia tarik2 badan pakai tangan je, menyelar ke orang kate ?

Suami dia : Yg ni ( meaning anak dia, tak tau nape tapi dia memang suka refer to her daughter as “yg ni” ) dah pandai dah, dia duduk pun dah boleh sikit2.

Sekali kan aku tengok anak dia ngan Iman same je, dua2 baru pandai menyelar , dua2 duduk lom balance lagi dah kate umur sebaya kan. Agaknye pade dia menyelar tu dah boleh kira merangkak kot, lantak ko la.

Rimas situasi 4 :

Suami sepupu : Iman, rambut awak ni dah panjang la tapi ayah awak tak nak potong.( rambut iman memang dah cecah telinga dah, tapi laki aku degil tak nak trim, dia kate nak biar panjang cam rambut dia, chit).

Suami dia : anak saya yg lelaki tu dulu mase baby macam ni saya memang tak bg panjang langsung selagi umur dia tak sampai setahun, selalu saya cukur botak je. bila dah tumbuh nanti baru la hitam lebat cantik rambutnya.

Sepupu : memang la elok cukur kan rambut baby, tapi kalau dah asyik botak je kesian pulak tengok budak tu, lagi2 kalau perempuan. ( baby girl dia pon botak jugak, diorang baru cukur licin, kesian aku tengok dah rupa baby boy).

Nasib baik sepupu aku back up, terus suami dia diam tak sambung komen.heheheh. Tapi secara jujur aku memang tak suka nak botakkan baby aku, cukup la sekali dia botak dulu, tu pun aku tak sabar2 nak tunggu rambut dia tumbuh balik.

Rimas situasi 5:

Kat dewan, hari bersanding, Iman berak la pulak, aku pun bawak la g bilik rehat kat tepi dewan tu nak tukar pampers, at least bilik tu ade tikar. Cuba teka siape yg ade dalam bilik tu? Harus la kedua2 suami isteri itu.

Suami dia : Kenape taik iman warnanya macam tu yek, yg ni kalau dia makan nestum tu, macam tu jugak la keluarnya. ( sampai taik iman pun dia tengok okey).

Aku : Sebab Iman makan macam2 kot, Nur makan bubur? (name baby girl tu Nur)

Suami dia : Belum, dia makan nestum je.

Patut la, Iman aku dah bg makan macam2, bubur nasi letak carrot, kentang, ikan bilis, ayam. Nestum pun makan gak. Baby food dalam botol tu pun macam2 jenis aku dah bg, yg buah, sayur, yogurt, jelly semua dia dah makan. Hehehe

Aku bukan nak kate aku hebat sangat sebagai seorang ibu, mama, emak, mummy, ummi tapi aku pun takde la bongok sangat sampai nak biar anak aku sakit ke, busuk ke, kotor ke, comot ke, aku pun sayang jugak anak aku, susah2 aku beranak takkan tak sayang pulak. Aku pun tak pernah nak banding2 anak aku ngan anak orang, kalau aku tak tau aku tanya, lagi2 kalau orang tu dah beranak dulu dari aku pastu aku tau dia pon memang jenis ibu bapa yg bagus. Ini anak dia pon asyik mengengek2 sebab demam pastu hingus meleleh2 selsema (sebab katenye on d way to Ipoh tu diorang bg baby tu minum air masak, diorang agak air masak tu tak masak, macam tu la lebih kurang alas an diorang, which pade aku kalau dah tau anak tu sensitif sgt nape tak bawak air kososng sendiri kan janet kan,kan, kan) , pastu nak kate aku tak pandai jaga anak. Cemane tu. Ape kate jaga anak masing2 elok2 je, jangan sebok nak banding2 kan dengan anak orang, lagi bagus.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lets talk about NOT my best friend wedding

Korang korang sekalian, esok aku dah start cuti 4 hari, petang ni lepas keje dah nak gerak balik Ipoh. Selase depan baru start keje balik. Yeaayyy, bestnye cuti. Agaknye sebab tu la aku takde mood nak keje harini, sebab dah tak sabar nak cuti panjang. The wedding is on Sunday, so sampai Ipoh je aku nak kene siapkan hantaran (tinggal 2 je lagi, yg lain semua aku dah siapkan awal2 dah, senang cerita) dan nak hias bilik pengantin. Pakai bilik yg sama masa aku kawin dulu, bunga2 and kain organza yg aku guna untuk buat backdrop dulu pun ade lagi so most probably akan jadi ala2 bilik pengantin aku dulu la, hehehe, tapi aku akan cuba la ubah, karang boring je orang tengok. Tapi pada aku satu bende penting yang boleh menyerlahkan bilik pengantin adalah lampu tidur, nak lagi romantic feel pakai lampu mentol kuning, confirm bilik tu nampak tenang jek. Insyaallah kalau ade rezeki nanti aku tepek la gambar hasil kerja tangan aku menghias bilik pengantin kat sini. Bukan ape, aku takde camera, camera laki aku dia selalu bawak g office utk buat keje, so jarang2 la aku dapat mengupload gambar. Korang doa2 la aku dapat bonus ,asyuk tahun ni ek, boleh aku beli camera pink satu. Hehehe.

Quest: As a result, aku telah berjaya menjumpai gelang plastic yg sesuai untuk aku cerai2 kan dan guna untuk buat accessory kasut aku, cantik ke tak tu tak tau lagi, hehehe. Kalau nak ikutkan ade je gelang yang shining2 silver gitu, tapi mahal la, cam tak berbaloi je untuk dicerai2kan, baik aku beli je kasut baru. Gelang plastic tadi aku beli murah jek, RM4.90 je, ade petak2 hitam putih. Gelang tu kalau nak buat pakai kat tangan aku memang tak mungkin la, buruk benar, tapi kalau nak buat hiasan kasut memang sesuai. Cemane tu, ape la agaknye pembuat gelang ni pikir mase dia reka gelang ni, hilang akal ape nak bg org pakai gelang buruk camtu. Hishhhh. Aku plan nak padan kan putih dengan kasut silver tu, tgk la cemane nanti. Kalau buruk pun aku belash jek la dah kasut tu je aku bawak, tak kuase aku nak beli kasut baru semata2 nak padankan ngan baju kurung putih aku. FYI, pada majlis tu nanti, aku sekeluarga ( aku, suamiku and Iman) akan pakai color putih, ala2 tulus mulus kan keluarga aku, Iman pun aku dah buatkan baju melayu putih, cute sgt, cam budak dah besar jek, tapi aku ukur baju tu muat2 sgt ngan badan dia, jadinya tak dapat pakai lame la baju melayu tu. Takpe, raye nanti aku buatkan yang lain. Mesti comelkan.

lets talk about the lame old fat lady

Adepun harini aku boring nak mampos, aku tak tau nak buat ape, takde mood nak buat ape2 pun, nak main game pun takde mood sebab game2 yg ade dalam pc ni mahu pun yg aku masukkan dalam pc ni semua aku dah khatam, dah tak thrill dah. Nak tulis blog pun takde idea nak mengarut pasal ape. One more thing, aku puase harini, walau pun aku tak sedar nak bangun sahur kul 5 pg tadi, aku jaga2 dah kul 6 tapi aku niat je and pause jugak. Pg tadi laki aku masak telur for breakfast pun aku tak nak makan sebab aku puase. Tapi bila sampai je office, keje takde, nak cari keje malas, nak buat2 busy pon takde mood, boring nak mampus membuatkan aku rase nak keluar g cosway carik makan since aku dah start lapar tapi gagahi jugak sebab puase. Malangnya aku tak cukup gagah sebab kul 11 tadi aku dengan berat hati amik botol air aku dan minum dengan bestnye pastu terus amik keropok dalam laci ( semalam makan separuh, simpan dalam laci, bukannye aku selekeh simpan makanan dalam laci tau) dan makan dengan nikmatnye. Berdosanya aku, lemahnye aku dan most importantly mengada-ngadanya aku, nak puase satu hari pun tak boleh sebab tak sahur, macam budak kecik sgt padahal dah jadik mak orang. I blame the mood swing and this boring office for it.hehehehe (sorry zira, aku harap ko teruskan usaha murni kau berpuasa harini ok).

So dah kul 12, aku nak g cari makan, pastu 12.30 (the real lunch time hour) aku nak g pavilion memulakan quest aku mencari something untuk dilekatkan di kasut silver aku a.k.a kasut hantaran aku yg berusia setahun lebih dan baru pakai beberape kali je past uterus tak pakai sebab riben2 kecik kat depa kasut tu tercabut satu demi satu, damn you cheap shoes. Tapi sebab kasut tu cantik aku gagah dan bertekat nak repair the flaws dengan carik something yg sesuai utk dilekatkan di depan kasut tu menggantikan riben2 tu. Aku ade gam tembak yg guna buat hantaran tu, leh aku gam kat kasut tu nanti. Pastu nak pakai hari ahad ni mase adik ipar aku kawin.ehehehe. good luck to me.
Some ideas.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lets talk about bittersweetness of cocoa

Pada harini ini, buat pertama kalinya aku rase dark chocolate yang sangat pahit. Kenape pahit sangat ? because it contains 78% cocoa. Minah sebelah meja aku ni beli kat Mercato pavilion tadi and bg kitorang rase. Aku makan satu petak je sebesar 6x4 cm camtu tapi pastu rase cam mabuk coklat, chocolate overdose,hehehe.

Nama coklat tu Frey, No 1 in Switzerland. Agak2 korang rase cam nak mencabar kebolehan tekak korang, boleh la try coklat ni, tapi try yg extra dark bittersweet chocolate eh, jgn yg orange flavor plak.hehehe

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

lets talk about orange cake

Gambar hiasan je, ni bukan kek aku. Kek aku tak sempat amik gambar.

Selamat pagi semua,

Harini dengan rasminya aku telah menjadi seorang peniaga kek sebab buat pertama kalinya aku menjual kek oren aku kepada officemate aku harini. Walau pun aku cuma jual 2 tin loaf je, tapi aku bangga dengan diri aku sendiri sebab ade kemajuan dalam minat masak memasak aku ni, mintak2 boleh lebih maju di masa akan datang hendaknya.

Actually, sorang officemate aku si Chris ni ha, suka sgt kek oren aku tu, pastu from time to time dia akan bg hint2 suruh aku buat kek tu lagi tapi everytime aku buat and bawak ke office aku bawak satu Tupperware and share la ramai2 kan tapi dia selalu malu2 kucing nak makan bebanyak. Then last Friday dia bg lagi hint kat aku.

Chris: Eyda, why don’t I provide you all the equipment to bake your orange cake, hehehe ( sambil cakap gelak2, malu tapi mahu cake namenye tu, akak paham dah).
Eyda: What equipment? You want to buy me an oven is it? Ingredient la……
Chris: hahaha. Ya, ingredient.
Gwen: Or why not she just bake for you then she charge you the cost of the ingredient then mark up a bit la…
Gwen ni duduk depan aku, rakan sembang aku lagi2 same2 baru dapat baby. Cantek gwen sudah bukak jalan. Cam paham je ape dalam kepale aku, kalau selalu bg free je leteh jugak akak kan.terus aku berdiri pandang si Chris, tadi aku sembang tapi mate tengok PC.
Eyda : Betol betol, kalau u betul2 nak i can bake for you this week end.
Gwen: See she look happy already.
Chris: Can la, but don’t mark up so much la,hahaha.
Eyda: I won’t la, lagi pun all the ingredient are pretty basic je. Tak mahal pun.

So, last Saturday as always kitorang g jusco shopping barang rumah, aku pun beli la bahan2 buat kek aku. Pastu aku beli tin foil size macam buat meat loaf tu untuk buat kek tu, aku pikir2 masak dalam tu pastu and wrap ngan cling wrap je bawak g office nanti, senang cerita. So last night aku buat la kek tu, saje tak nak buat awal2, karang tak fresh gitu, hehe. So aku buat la dua batch sekali, satu batch untuk chris (aku isi dalam 2 tin foil), lagi satu untuk makan sendiri kat rumah. Suami aku request sebab dia pun suka jugak tapi mase aku kate officemate aku order kek dia cam pelik plak.

Eyda: Yang, officemate saya order kek oren saya, cam best je kan.
Suami: Yeke, dia tak pernah makan kek secret recipe ke? ( dengan nada pelik)
Eyda: mesti la pernah, tapi dah dia suka sgt kek tu, dia kate it’s very moist, pastu biase la dia bg hint suruh saya bawak g office, sekali gwen bg idea jual je, cantek la.
Suami: Kek awak tu memang la sedap, tapi sampai dia suka sgt tu pelik jugak la.
Eyda : ntah la.

Mase conversation ni terjadi aku pun tak terpikir kenape chris suka sgt kek tu. Tapi semalam mase aku tengah buat kek, masuk bahan itu ini tiba2 aku terpikir, memang la suami aku tak paham kenape chris nak sgt kek tu, sebab aku selalu masak kek ni untuk suami aku, and everytime jugak la dia yg banyak makan. Kalau ade kek ni dalam peti ice tu, dia dah tak makan bende lain dah, pagi2 nak g keje makan kek, balik keje pun makan kek. Sebab tu la dia tak terasa teringin sangat2, sebab aku ade untuk masakkan untuk dia. Agaknya kalau dia makan kek oren tu kat kedai, bukan aku yg masak, mesti dia pun beli lagi kat kedai tu agaknye. Agaknye la kan, tu teori aku je. Lagi satu teori aku, orang yg suka kek oren ni adalah orang2 yang suka makan oren, cam suami aku tu, stok orange sunkist kat rumah tu tak pernah putus sebab dia suka sgt, dari situ jugak la aku dapat idea nak buat kek oren, sebab dalam peti ice banyak sgt oren sunkist. Ape2 pun aku sedia masak kek oren ni untuk laki aku sampai bila2, lagi pun ingredient tu semua dia yg beli pun, bukannye aku.heheheh

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lets talk about ridiculous parenting advice

I came across this article while browsing the msn and the title immediately attracts my attention,Worst Parenting Advice Ever Heard. As I read those indeed ridiculous advises, I can’t stop thinking of the ridiculous parenting advises that people gave to me since my pregnancy up until now. I know that as a malay we have a lot of petua from our ancestors but as a normal human being when I feel like the petua sounded more ridiculous then logic, I don’t take the advice. Among the parenting advices that I’ve heard are:

1. Jangan minum ice nanti baby keluar kepale botak

I don’t know about other mommies, but I can’t stand a day without ice and cold drink especially during my pregnancy because I felt hot most of the time and always sweating. I still remember a friend of my FIL came to me when he sees me drinking sirap ice and said “Orang mengandung tak elok minum ice, nanti baby botak macam pakcik ni ha “, memang kepale dia botak pon. Tapi bila aku tanya emak aku dia kate minum je sebab esok2 mase pantang dah tak boleh minum ice dah, that’s why my emak is the coolest ever.

Surprise Surprise but my baby was born with thick black hair despite me drinking ice cold water all the time.

Iman umur sebulan, rambut tercacak2 mase tido,hehehe.

2. Mase berpantang jangan makan buah sebab sejuk.

It’s a general knowledge that eating a lot of fruits is good for our health and I am a person who eats fruits everyday. Even during my pregnancy I ate a all kind of fruits despite my senior colleagues said certain fruits are bad for pregnant lady (aku buat degil jek sampai diorang tak larat nak bising dah,hehehe). According to my doctor eating oranges is good during postnatal because the fiber in oranges can help your wound heals.

Indeed I ate oranges everyday during my confinement.

3.Baby baru lahir jangan pakai baju kuning nanti kene sakit kuning.

When my son was about 2 weeks old I put a yellow shirt on him an when the nurse ( nurse klinik desa) came and saw the yellow shirt she was like so surprise and told me to take of the yellow shirt that instant. Can a baby get jaundice just by wearing yellow shirt? Peliknya. Even my cool mum said nothing about the yellow shirt and my mum is much older then the freak-out nurse.

Just to share here, our next door neighbor in muar paints their wall from yellow to white to avoid their baby from getting jaundice.

My baby is healthy, alhamdulillah and never gets jaundice.

4. Jangan puji baby comel.

I don’t know if this petua is only practice by people from Perak or what but I heard this petua a few time at Ipoh. My husband’s aunt came by to see our baby and said “ buruknya dia”, tak terkejut kau orang tiba2 cakap baby kau buruk. Maybe she saw my shocked face she then explain that we should say the baby is ugly so that when the baby grow up he’ll become handsome. Macam tu la pulak! Another friend said “ kalau kita puji dia nanti dia riak”. As if the baby understands what you were saying, duhhhhhh.

5. Pakaikan baby stokin/ tak payah pakaikan baby stokin?

This one is a bit annoying because different people keep saying different thing. Of course I make sure my baby wears his booties when he’s a baby up until he’s 5 months old then one day when we came to pick up Iman at the baby sitter place, my baby sitter’s sister said that Iman is big enough, it’s now okay if he don’t wear booties anymore. So I follow the advice. But then my husband keep telling me to make Iman Wear booties or socks again coz he said he’s still a baby (plus ade sorang makcik ni buat muka terkejut gila nampak baby aku tak pakai stokin kate anak2 dia dulu pakai stokin ssampai umur setahun sepanjang mase). So I obey and Iman still wear socks all the time until now (or else my husband will keep on nagging). Then my parents came and said he’s now big enough and the socks prevent him from feeling the ground especially now that he’s big enough to be put in the baby walker, arrggghhhhhh. Akak tention kadang2 bila dapat advice bercanggah2 ni. Asyik nak ikut cakap orang je.

My verdict is, when I feels like the day is gonna be cold, I’ll make him wears the socks or else I won’t. Follow my instinct. My baby, my way, ends of discussion.

Actually there’s a lot more ridiculous parenting advice that I wanted to share but for today, those listed above are all that I can think of. Lagi pon dah pukul 5 kejap lagi nak balik and aku nak kemas barang and cabut on time harini. Tak sabar nak start cuti and yeay yeay ISNIN CUTI. Yippieeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lets talk about fashion, copy, paste and Siti Nurhaliza

Mak aaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, boring gila harini. Selalunye aku bila time takde keje camni aku ade la jugak idea nak cari keje yg bleh dibuat, buat2 busy gitu, tapi harini ZERO idea okey. Wanted to write since morning but have absolutely no idea on what to write about. Pastu tadi aku menggoogle fesyen2 jubah, jumpa this flickr pasal this Islamic fashion festival, aku pun browse through and copy paste a few jubah yang aku rase cantik, konon2 esok2 bleh la aku tempah jubah camtu. Sekali aku tengok kat document aku takde satu gambar pon yg keluar. Tak boleh copy rupa2nye gambar tu, what a waste of time, I spend more time then I should using the net today for nothing. Errrggggggghhhh. So, kalau korang rase nak tengok islamic fashion tu g la sini ye.

Anyway, I did come across a few interesting blogs, designers’ blogs, fashion designers. Dan aku terus link kan blog diorang kat sini, so senang aku nak singgah and korang jugak, feel free to check their blog out. Sape yg suka fashion mesti suka tengok gambar2 kat blog diorang. Perempuan mane pulak yg tak suka baju cantik2 ye tak?

Cukup la ek, malas la nak panjang2. harini aku takde mood, mood boring. Until next time, ta-ta ya’alllll..

Tiba2 zira email gambar Siti Nurhaliza pakai jubah, terus aku paste sekali kat sini.hehehe

Cantik jubah2 Siti Nurhaliza ni kan, tapi terlalu glamour untuk org kebanyakkan cam aku ni.

Alahai comelnye dia ni. Dah kurus kan dia ni.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lets talk about google image tagging

Aku memang suka menggoogle image , image artis la, image baby artis la, image kasut la, image tudung la, image permaisuri nur zahirah pun aku google gak. So when i saw this tag, terus aku buat dengan pantas dan seronotnye.hehehehe

Rules: Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer.

1. I am – eyda

Tak tau nape gambar ni keluar bila aku google name aku. hmmmmmmmmmmm?

2. I really want to go to - Langkawi
Aku tak nak g jauh2, nak g bercuti kat sini je, and fav spot aku is langkawi, beach and shopping, best.

3. my fav place – beach
Favorite place in the whole world.

4. my fav thing - tv

Aku dan TV tak boleh dipisahkan. Kalau hidup aku takde tv, harus aku keras trus tak boleh function.

5. my fav drink - none

Aku takde fav drink la.
6. my fav food – all food

Fav food pon aku takde sebab aku bedal semua.

7. my fav colour - pink

8. I was born in – batu pahat

Aku anak jati Johor ya'all.....

9. I live in – small apartment

Kalau la umah aku secantik ni.hehehe

10. my school/collage – Mrsm Muar

"wahai putera puteri bangsa ku", aku nampak dewan dato' onn ni terus je rase nak nyanyi lagu tu....

11. my fav story - Chocolat

Tak ingat berape kali dah aku tgk cerita ni, tak pernah jemu.

12. my hobby – watch movie

Yap, that's why dvd kat umah aku banyak gile satu cabinet.

13. I want to be – bony

Gambar angelina jolie plak keluar, but she is bony in this picture indeed.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lets talk about Confessions of a Shopaholic

This morning on the way to the office i saw this poster on the billboard and immeidately i know that i want to watch this movie and i bet almost every women regardless if they are a shopaholic or not also wanted to watch this movie as well. By the way, since i watch Isla Fisher act in Defenitely, Maybe i begin to like her acting and she 's now in my list of Fav Female Actors together with Scarlett Johansson, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz and Drew Berrymore.

Here is the synopsys of the movie:

Based on the books "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and "Shopaholic Takes Manhattan" by Sophie Kinsella. Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) is a 25 year old who lives with her best friend Suze (Krysten Ritter) in Suze's flat (paying her friend rent that is well below market value), in a trendy part of town. Rebecca has a very boring job writing for a financial magazine. She has a shopping addiction and her crap job doesn't pay enough. Her bills are piling up, so she tries cutting back (complete fiasco), then she tries making more money (another fiasco). Eventually, Becky discovers a story that she is truly invested in. Exposing the story gets the attention of a colleague that she hasn't quite figured out yet. Some drama ensues as she snags the guy, and she attempts to pay off her ever-growing debt. But as she draws closer to her ultimate goal of writing for renowned fashion magazine Alette, she questions her true ambitions and must determine if overcoming her "shopaholic" condition will bring her real happiness.

Another movie that’s inspired from a chick lit novel, I have a great feeling this movie gonna be another fav of mine after “in her shoes” and “the devil wears prada”. After all, the story is about shopaholic women, helloooooooo.

Talking about novel inspired movies, I think this LBD novel would be great as a movie:

I’ve read a lot of novel but this one, as I finish reading it, the first thing that came in my mind is that I think this story will be great on the silver screen. Its fun and funny, the main character goes everywhere, crashing parties, in disguise all the time plus she have a magical gives, she can plant pictures in other peoples mind just by touching them. Try reading this one and I guarantee you’ll agree with me. Anyway, you can read the synopsis from my earlier post here.

Lets talk about wedding, fat women and Daphne Iking

So last weekend we went to attend a wedding of one of my husband’s close friend who finally get married at the age of 31. He is kinda “the joker” among the friends and he still making jokes on his wedding even when he’s sitting on the pelamin. Tapi wedding tu memang meriah sebab ramai kawan2 yang datang and mostly kawan2 yang datang tu dah kawin dan beranak pinak dah. Kira anak aku Iman tu yang paling baby la sebab ade kawan2 yang lain dah bawak anak 2,3 orang dah.

So semalam, selain dari dapat jumpa kawan2, dapat jumpa baby2 diorang, tengok sape2 punye baju lawa2, dapat makan ayam cicah air asam ( favorite aku ) ade something else yang menarik minat aku and aku dok perhati dari aku sampai, sampai la aku nak balik. Korang rase ape? Eheheheheh ……..mesti korang rase aku psycho or kepale hotak aku dah kronik tapi semalam aku dok perhatikan size badan bini2 kawan2 suami aku. But I have a good reason for doing that okey,and it’s all my husband’s fault. Sebelum g wedding tu aku dok try2 baju ape nak pakai and finally decided nak pakai baju kurung kain sari warna pink (yang aku baru pakai sekali mase raye 2 tahun lepas yang aku baru perasan rupa2 nya aku dah muat pakai. Ini bermakne aku dah kurus sikit tapi takde la kurus mane sebab 2 tahun lepas ade satu era tu aku gemuk, pastu tiba2 aku kurus ngan mendadak pastu terus aku kawin). Aku tanye laki aku ok tak baju aku tu? Sekali dia kate aku nampak cam makcik2 sebab baju tu takde cutting. Baju kurung johor memang la takde cutting and baju kurung moden aku yang ade cutting semua sempit lagi, aku lum cukup kurus nak pakai lagi. So untuk menjimatkan mase dan mengelakkan aku selongkar almari and try semua baju (which I started doing after hearing his comment) laki aku pun kate la baju tu okey.

Jadi, kerana insiden komen laki aku yang kate aku nampak cam makcik2 tu sepanjang perjalanan nak g wedding tu aku dok pikir je, ye ke aku nampak cam orang tua pakai baju kurung? Orang lain pon nampak tua tak agaknye? Mesti sebab aku gemuk buat aku nampak tua? Orang lain gemuk tak agaknye? Kalau aku make up gila2 boleh nampak muda tak?( which is why aku make up gila2 semalam, untuk mengelakkan nampak tua).

So korang boleh bayangkan la kan dan faham la dengan obsession aku memerhatikan wanita2 dan isteri2 yang datang majlis tu. Dan aku boleh umumkan disini, kalau ade 20 bini yang datang bawak anak, cuma dalam 3 orang je yang berbadan kurus langsing, yang lain semua bulat2, lebar2 dan gebu2 cam aku. Jahat tak aku kalau aku cakap aku agak lege,hehehehe. Maknanya bukan aku sorang je yang gemuk pas beranak, ramai lagi orang lain yang gemuk jugak lepas beranak. So it’s normal but that doesn’t makes it okey for me to stay this fat. Aku masih lagi menyimpan harapan setinggi gunung nak kembali ke size badan anak dara, lagi2 bila ade yang kate suami aku nampak kurus semalam, lagi kurus dari mase kitorang kawin dulu. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Malam tadi aku sangat determine nak puase harini tapi bangun tido pagi tadi laju je aku g minum air masak ( aku amalkan minum air masak sebaik saje bangun tido, petua awet muda, tiba2 laki aku g kate aku nampak cam makcik, cissss), cancel puase harini. Puasa esok je la. Anyway, pg tadi sampai2 opis, on PC, tengok blog itu ini dan aku ternampak satu gambar kat blog ninie ahmad yg buat aku jealous.

Gambar Daphne Iking. Tapi aku bukan jealous sebab Ninie amik gambar ngan Daphne, aku jealous tengok Daphne kurus gila sampai nampak tulang pipi dan aku tau gambar tu gambar latest Daphne lepas dia bersalin. Terus aku ala2 bercita2 nak kuruskan badan sampai bukan setakat skinny tapi sampai bony, sampai korang leh nampak tulang pipi, tulang dagu, tulang siku, segala tulang aku la. Boleh gitu……..